Sponsored products in search results

Sponsored products in search results

Enhance the visibility of your products by utilising the Sponsored Products feature in search results. This powerful tool ensures that your items are prominently displayed at the top of relevant search results, increasing their chances of being noticed by potential buyers.

Enabling Sponsored Products:

It is possible to enable the sponsored product feature by editing your product listing or by setting a rule in Bob Sync if you list your products through that method. When you enable the feature, your product will have the possibility of featuring in a prime position at the top of search results, making it more visible to potential customers actively searching for similar items.

You have the flexibility to decide what you want to pay by setting a "Paid search percentage". The paid search percentage is charged as a percentage of the product price if your item is sold within 30 days of the buyer clicking on the sponsored product. If the sale occurs after 30 days from the click, you will not be charged this percentage, providing a cost-effective strategy for promoting your products.

This percentage is only charged if a buyer successfully makes a payment for the sponsored product. This means that there is no upfront payment for this feature and you are only charged if the buyer completes payment for the product. The paid search percentage is charged in addition to success fees.

What percentage should I choose?

You have the ability to set a percentage from 1%-50%. Higher paid search percentages increase the likelihood of your product appearing in the initial search result pages. Only products related to the search query will be displayed. This ensures that your sponsored products receive maximum exposure to potential buyers.

By leveraging Sponsored Products in search results, you can significantly boost the visibility of your offerings, reaching a broader audience of interested buyers. Tailor your paid search percentage to align with your marketing goals and enjoy the benefits of increased exposure for your products.

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