Effortless product syncing and inventory management

Effortless product syncing and inventory management

Bob Sync offers you the opportunity to seamlessly sync your products on Bob Shop and view inventory in real time. We currently offer integrations to Bob Shop from WooCommerce and Shopify source channels, with a number of integrations to be added soon.

The Bob Sync integration removes the hassle of having to update inventory on each individual sales channel. When an order is placed on a sales channel, the inventory is adjusted across all other channels, ensuring that you never sell anything you do not have in stock.

When you set up a primary source channel on Bob Sync, product information will flow from this source channel to your Bob Shop account. Whether you need to add, modify, or remove products, all these actions can be performed from your source channel. Any product changes made in your source channel will be automatically reflected in your Bob Shop account.

As a default setting, the system will automatically import all of your products with the same pricing, images, and descriptions as they appear on your website. However, if necessary, we have the capability to incorporate various parameters into the integration with our advanced rule engine. 


  1. Sell your products on the Bob Shop marketplace with ease.
  2. Seamlessly synchronise products from your source channel to your Bob Shop account at no cost.
  3. Utilise the rule engine to fine-tune your product offering and decide which products to showcase on Bob Shop.
  4. Effectively manage your inventory and product information directly from your primary sales channel.
  5. Enjoy the convenience of automatic inventory updates across all your sales channels whenever a sale occurs.

Initiating the Bob Sync setup

To initiate the Bob Sync integration process, follow these simple steps outlined below:
  1. Navigate to the “Sync products” button on the right side of your seller dashboard in the Sell a product section. 
  2. Click on the "Add Product Source" button and select the relevant source channel you wish to add. Then follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. You'll be prompted to input the necessary credentials from your store. To find these credentials, click on "How do I get my consumer key/credentials" near the bottom of the pop-up.
  4. Once you've correctly set up the source channel, your products will automatically import into the Bob Sync system. However, please note that they will not be published on your Bob Shop account at this stage.
  5. At this stage your account will undergo a review process by our team to ensure everything is in order.
  6. After your products have been imported into the Bob Sync system, it's crucial to establish an inclusion rule within the rule engine. This step ensures that products are pushed through to Bob Shop and published on your account. By default, this rule is initially set to an exclusion rule to prevent unintended sales.

Shopify integration instructions

To install a Shopify source channel on Bob Shop, you will need to complete three fields as shown below. We have however, created an installation guide to aid you in this process. 

Shopify Custom App Installation: This guide will explain how to obtain these values

WooCommerce integration instructions

To set up a WooCommerce source channel on Bob Shop, you'll need to provide the following information:
  1. WooCommerce URL: The web address (URL) of your WooCommerce store.
  2. API Consumer Key: A unique key generated from your WooCommerce store's settings.
  3. API Consumer Secret: A secret code associated with the API key, also obtained from your WooCommerce store's settings.
Follow these steps:
  1. Log in as an Admin to your WooCommerce store.
  2. Go to Permalinks under the Settings menu item:
    1. Under Common Settings, ensure the Post name option is selected
    2. Then click on Save Changes at bottom of the page
  3. Go to the WooCommerce menu item and click on Settings
  4. Click on the Advanced tab
  5. Click on Rest API in the sub navigation tabs
  6. Click on Add key
  7. In Description text box add "Bob Sync"
  8. Search for (and select) the default admin user in the User dropdown
  9. In the Permissions combo box, change the permissions to Read/Write
  10. Click on Generate API key 
  11. Copy the consumer key and consumer secret to add WooCommerce as a sales channel (We highly recommend saving these values somewhere, as you might not be able to view them at a later stage).

Google Sheets integration instructions

The latest addition to Bob Sync is our Google Sheets integration, which revolutionises the way you manage your product catalogue without needing a website. By leveraging the familiar spreadsheet format in line with our template, this integration offers a simple and efficient way to manage and sync your products with Bob Shop.

Setting up your Google Sheets integration:
  1. Navigate to the “Sync products” button on the right side of your seller dashboard in the Sell a product section. 
  2. From the Bob Sync dashboard, go to "Add product source" and select “Google Sheets” from the available options. This will set up Google Sheets as a sales channel, and create a Google Sheet titled “Bob Shop - Product Source” on your Google Drive.
  3. Click on the settings cog next to the Google Sheets channel in Bob Sync, and select "Go to product source". This will take you to your Google Sheet, where you can input, manage and control your product details.
  4. After adding new products to the Google Sheet or making changes to existing products, you will need to return to Bob Sync, and click on "Import products from Google Sheets to Bob Shop".  This action will import and synchronise your updated products with Bob Shop, keeping your product listings up-to-date with the latest changes made on your Google Sheet.

Google Sheets important notes:
  1. Within the Google Sheet you’ll find an Examples tab. This tab includes examples for both simple and variant products. 
  2. Please do not edit or alter the names of any columns in the Google Sheet. You can reorder the columns, however editing any of the wording in the column titles will break the integration.
  3. Your Google Sheet serves as the source for your product data. Changes made to products on Bob Shop will not update the Sheet, with only inventory updates pushing from Bob Shop to the Google Sheet following a successful sale.

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