Why sell on Bob Shop?

Why sell on Bob Shop?

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, why not start selling on Bob Shop, South Africa's online marketplace and ecommerce enabler? All you need is a good product, access to the internet, an email address and a willingness to succeed.

It's fun, exciting and best of all it's FREE*. You will have access to a large audience, unparallelled exposure for your business and products in South Africa (and even abroad), an established and mature marketplace, sales tools, superior payment options and the ability to build a trusted reputation.

You can start selling quickly; you just need to register to create an account and you're good to go. Create your listings and watch your sales soar.

Here are the top reasons to sell on Bob Shop:
  1. It's free*. No joining, set up, subscription or monthly fees.
  2. It's quick and easy; you just need a product, a few images and a description.
  3. No risk! No sale = no fees.
  4. An inexpensive, ready-made trading platform that enables you to reach a large number of customers, often geographically distant.
  5. You have very low or no overheads, so you can afford to sell your wares cheaper and still make a profit, very little is required in terms of investment and infrastructre from your side.
  6. Convenience for buyers - lots of potential buyers looking for bargains.
  7. Exposure for your business and products - use of enhancements to give your items greater visibility and maximum exposure.
  8. Free selling tools and sales management system.
  9. Building up a reputation via the rating system adds trust and security to the transactions.
  10. Variety of efficient payments options offered to sellers to accept payments from buyers.
  11. You can sell just about anything, as long as it's legal.
  12. Thousands of categories to choose to list in.

All we take is a small fee for each successful sale!

*free - Listing fees may apply to certain categories and to classified listings.

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