What does account 'restricted' or 'disabled' mean?

What does account 'restricted' or 'disabled' mean?

 Bob Shop user accounts  have various status levels that include enabled, restricted, disabled and blacklisted. 
  1. When an account is disabled, the user cannot access their  Bob Shop account. If the user is a seller, their open listings will continue to run as normal. They will still receive email notifications from  Bob Shop relating to items listed on the site.
  2. When an account is restricted, the user has access to their account. They can view all orders, sales and purchases, but cannot list items for sale. They may also have limited functionality when trying to request payouts and when filing SNCs.
  3. When an account is blacklisted, it means that it has been closed on the  Bob Shop site. The blacklisted user will not have access to their account, they will not receive any further email notifications from  Bob Shop. If the user is a seller, all their open items will be removed and all bids deleted.
For security and privacy reasons we do not divulge the exact reason why an account has been disabled or blacklisted, unless fraud has taken place. In that case we notify the affected buyers as soon as the account has been blacklisted. 

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      Your account may be blocked or temporarily suspended if your account is currently being reviewed by our staff. For more information please contact our customer support.
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