System email notifications

System email notifications

We have implemented a robust system that closely monitors your Bob Sync integration. In the event of a connection issue or any error that may hinder the synchronisation of your products, our system will promptly notify you via email. It's important to note that many of these system emails are designed to be informative and aim to keep you well-informed about your data feed.

Your source channel can undergo different states, and it's important to be aware of what each status means.

Product source pending approval

This status indicates that your channel has been successfully added to the Bob Sync system. Our team is currently reviewing it to ensure that everything is configured correctly. If any issues are detected during this review, our team will reach out to you and assist to resolve the error. 

Product source approved

Congratulations! Your channel setup was successful, and your products are likely being published on your Bob Shop account. With this approval, your journey as a seller on Bob Shop officially begins. You'll find a selling guide attached to this email, which will be your primary resource for selling on Bob Shop.

Product source locked

If your source channel is locked, it means that, for various reasons, we've temporarily suspended the connection between your website and Bob Sync as a precaution. When a channel is locked, you'll receive an error message in this email, along with instructions on how to unlock the channel. It's crucial to follow these instructions promptly to restore the connection.

Webhook authentication failure

When we install a product source, webhooks are set up to notify us of any product or inventory changes on your online store. A webhook authentication failure means we didn't successfully process updates from your website. The required actions to resolve this issue will be provided in this email.

Products are about to disappear

This email serves as a reminder that your source channel is currently locked and will be removed in 5 days if the issue is not resolved. If your source channel is removed, your product listings on Bob Shop will also be deactivated. Therefore, it's essential to unlock your source channel as soon as you receive notification. If you encounter difficulties, reach out to the email address provided in the notification.

Product source removed

This notification signifies that your source channel has been locked for more than 32 days, leading to the removal of the source channel and all associated products. This action is taken when the issue remains unresolved for an extended period.

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