Step 5: Rating the buyer

Step 5: Rating the buyer

Bob Shop encourages its users to rate each other. Buyers should rate sellers based on service and product quality. Sellers should rate buyers depending on ease of transaction and prompt payment. There are three kinds of ratings: positive, negative and neutral.

Before buying and selling, you can view the ratings left by other users, which will help you make an informed decision. This way, Bob Shop guards against buyers and sellers who may have a bad history of transactions. By providing an open platform, Bob Shop promotes the basic value of honesty.

After a buyer has made an order from you or won an auction you listed, you will be able to rate the buyer. You can rate the buyer in your my account section, or by clicking on the relevant link in the order email generated by the Bob Shop system.

Sellers typically rate buyers on the basis of their prompt payment. It is a great opportunity to delight your customer with a positive message and also to keep in contact before you ship your order.

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