Step 4: Buyer completes the order

Step 4: Buyer completes the order

Once the bidder has won an auction, or the buyer has bought an item, they need to complete the order. You will be notified by email of any sales. You will also receive email notifications when buyers pay through the Bob Shop system. Ship the goods once you confirm the payments.

Auctions: The winning bidder will be notified by email and asked to complete the transaction. Your contact details, as well as payment and shipping information will be included in the email. It is then up to the winning bidder to make payment and complete the transaction.

Buy nows: After placing the order, the buyer should follow the check out process to complete the transaction. They will be asked to select a payment method and shipping option and to make the payment.

You can log into your my account at any time and view all orders in the selling tab. Click on the relevant link to see orders and sales for a specific time period (past two days, past week, and so on). You will also be able to see buyers' details.

Please note that the Bob Shop success fees are automatically charged and debited to your Bob Shop account when an order is placed on a buy-now and when an auction closes with a winner.
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