Step 2: Bidding and buying

Step 2: Bidding and buying

There are three main types of listings on Bob Shop: buy nows, auctions and make an offer. Sellers may allow buyers to make an offer on their listings. They may also include a buy-now price in auction listings.

Buy Now

Buy an item instantly at a fixed price. Clicking buy now will add the item to your shopping cart. You can then proceed with payment, or continue shopping for more items. 

How do I buy now?
Once you have carefully read the listing and wish to buy an item listed at a fixed price (buy-now), click on buy now button. This adds the item to your shopping cart. You can then proceed with payment, or continue shopping for more items.

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to select your preferred shipping and payment method and to enter or confirm your shipping address. You will also have the option to review your order before making payment.


In an auction, the seller specifies the starting price, bidding increments and (optionally) the reserve price. Sellers can also opt to state their buy-now price in auction listings. This format is known as auction with buy-now. 

Buyers place bids on the item and the buyer that has the highest bid when the auction closes wins the auction (providing the reserve is met, if specified). Buyers can place an auto bid. 

How do I bid on auctions?
The online auctions on Bob Shop allow participants to bid for items online. The Bob Shop auctions are an ascending bid auctions in which bids are open for all to see. The winner is the highest bidder and the price is the highest bid, providing the (optional) reserve price has been met.

Once you’ve found an item that you would like to bid on you can enter your bid amount in the space provided and press the bid now button. You will see the minimum bid required in the box where you enter your bid amount. When you’ve entered your bid amount, you will be taken to a confirmation page, where you can set an optional automatic bid limit and check the shipping charges.

You will receive an email confirming your bid, and every time the automatic bid feature bids on your behalf if you chose this option. It is important to remember to refresh your page regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding the bids being placed on the item.
You can view the bidding history at the bottom of auction listings.

How do I change or delete my bid?
Buyers need to contact the seller via the ask a question link provided in the listing and request that their bid be deleted. 
The seller will be responsible for deleting your bid. If the seller does not delete your bid, you can contact us to remove it as per the Consumer Protection Act.

Make an offer

Sellers may opt to allow buyers to make an offer by clicking the make an offer button. 

Before bidding or buying:

Read the item description carefully and check warranties, guaranties, shipping fees and payment methods. If anything is unclear to you, click on Ask a question link to request more details from the seller.
Always check the seller’s details and ratings.
Sellers with green tick are verified users and purchases from them are protected by our Buyer Protection Programme to a higher amount.

What are multiple quantity auctions or buy nows?
Sellers can set multiple quantities on one listing when selling multiple identical items. Sellers can also set the minimum number of items a buyer can purchase. For example a seller could sell a total of four rugby tickets requiring a minimum of two tickets per buyer. With multiple quantity auctions buyers will be prompted for the quantity they wish to bid for (or buy in the case of buy nows) upon confirming their bid.

What are auctions with buy now?
Sellers have the option to add the buy now option when creating an auction listing. Sellers who upload their auction listings in bulk can make them feature the buy now button by filling in the buy-now field. Only auction listings with the quantity of one item can have a buy-now price option.

If there is a buy-now price next to the buy now button in auction listings, this means that buyers can choose to either place a bid, or to buy the item outright. The buy now button will disappear when the auction amount reaches the buy-now amount and bidders will be able to compete via the bid now button until the auction closes.

If anything seems suspicious to you, please notify community watch by clicking on the Report a problem link located in every listing.

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