Step 1: Register as a seller

Step 1: Register as a seller

In order to sell, you need to have a Bob Shop account. Once you are registered you can become a Basic seller or an Advanced seller.  If this is the first time you are registering on Bob Shop, click on the join link and complete all the required fields.

While anyone may list items on Bob Shop free of charge (listing fees may apply to some categories), a fee is charged on all goods sold through the site. That fee is called the success fee .

‚ÄčBasic sellers can sell on auction, buy now and classifieds. When you register as a basic seller, you may start selling immediately. However, basic sellers may not have access to all payment methods available on Bob Shop. They also pay listing fees and enhancement fees in advance.

Advanced sellers can sell on auction, buy now and classifieds. Advanced sellers have access to all payment methods available on Bob Shop and they pay listing fees and enhancement fees in areas. Bank or credit card details are required when applying to become an advanced seller.

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