Shipping perishable products

Shipping perishable products

We strongly discourage the shipping of perishable goods via any of our courier partners; they will not take any liability when it comes to shipping perishable goods.

“The courier shall under no circumstances be liable for:
  1. Loss or damage incurred through goods being tendered with inadequate packaging and packing;
  2. Any loss or damage whatsoever caused by the perishable, fragile or brittle nature of the goods and packaging;”
This means that even if the damage is due to a service level failure on their side, they will still not take liability for the goods. You will also not be able to take out insurance on any of your parcels since their insurance does not cover perishable goods. Their vehicles and warehouse do not have the capacity for these type of contents, which is why the couriers do not move perishable food items; even more so if it has to be kept cold or frozen.

This is a business risk that is important to consider. We always advise merchants to rather not ship perishable goods via any of our couriers, especially fresh goods, because we know that these couriers do not specialise in the type of product delivery.

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