Shipping glass products

Shipping glass products

It is important to note that our courier partners will not take any liability for glass products. This means that if your products are damaged, broken or stolen during transit, the courier will not take any liability or refund you for the shipping.

Glass products are, unfortunately, not insurable. Each courier follows their own insurance policy, thus we would advise you to also read through their terms and conditions. This refers to any glass products, including liquor bottles, glassware and glass bottles.
We highly recommend following certain packaging practices, as outlined below:
  1. Use the correct box size. Make sure that there is enough space for the product and the protective packaging. Too much space and the parcel will move around, which can lead to damages.
  2. Cushion your product with at least 5-8 centimetres of packaging material all around the item. Fragile items require more cushioning. Your parcel must be able to withstand a drop of one metre.
  3. Make sure that your parcel is not too heavy. Keep the weight to a maximum of 17kg.
  4. Properly close box with wide “pressure-sensitive” plastic tape. This means that if you hold the parcel upside-down, the tape should be able to withstand the weight of the product in the parcel.
  5. Make sure that you label your parcel correctly. If it is fragile, it must be labelled with a “Fragile” sticker.

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