Quick tips for buyers

Quick tips for buyers

These tips will help you become a successful buyer:

Read the item description

On the item description page, you will find information about the item such as the condition of the item (new or second-hand), the dimensions, features, image and price. Read it carefully before you decide to buy or bid for an item.

Ask the seller a question

If you require additional information about the item, click on ask a question link, provided in every item listing. When the seller responds, you will be notified via email.

Check ratings and view feedback

Ratings give you an idea of the seller's history on Bob Shop. You will find ratings next to the seller's Bob Shop username. Click on the seller's Bob Shop username to view their profile, the ratings and the feedback from the previous buyers in detail.

Look for warranties and guarantees

Many sellers on Bob Shop offer certain types of warranties and guarantees; for example, replacement warranty, dealer’s warranty, manufacturer’s warranty, money-back guarantee. Check them all carefully and proceed to bid or buy only if you are happy with the warranties and guarantees.

Know the Bob Shop Buyer Protection Programme

The majority of Bob Shop transactions are trouble-free. In the unlikely event that a seller does not ship the item you purchased, or that the item you receive is materially different then described, the Buyer Protection Programme provides an additional measure of safety to you. 

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