Push notifications

Push notifications

Push notifications are brief messages that display on your smartphone, tablet, computer or wearable device. These messages will display even if you are not on the relevant site or app. In order to receive push notifications, you need to opt-in. You may opt-out whenever you want to, which puts you in control of this feature.

How to opt to receive Bob Shop notifications

The Bob Shop push notifications are a convenient way to receive updates on the latest not-to-be-missed specials and promotions. When you first visit the Bob Shop site on your computer or on your mobile, you will be presented with a pop-up asking you to allow notifications from Bob Shop. When you download the Bob Shop app, you will also receive push notifications. Once you allow Bob Shop notifications, you will receive them whether you are on Bob Shop or not.

How to disable and re-enable Bob Shop notifications

To disable or re-enable our web notifications, go to bobshop.co.za on your computer or your mobile, click on the padlock icon on your browser’s address bar and make the appropriate choice. To disable and re-enable our app notifications, go to the settings and turn the Bob Shop notifications off and on.

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