I have not received my items; what do I do?

I have not received my items; what do I do?

Bob Shop guidelines are that transactions should be completed within 7 days of the original transaction date. This takes into account things like payment delays, shipping or delivery times etc. If you have been unable to contact the seller after the 7 day period, you would need to contact our online security department at communitywatch@bobshop.co.za. If you believe fraud has taken place, it would be advisable to lay a charge against the seller at your local police station, get a case number and forward that information to communitywatch@bobshop.co.za

‚ÄčPlease ensure you keep all records of correspondence and to note down the dates and times when you attempted to contact the seller.

We suggest that you first wait for the initial 7 day period to pass, as the seller could have a valid reason for not being contactable. Once that period is over, you may also rate the seller negatively, which can prompt him or her into action, to either refund the payment or send you the item purchased. 

It is recommended where possible to trade with sellers that are verified users; they can be recognised by a green tick next to their user name. These are users that have been verified by Bob Shop. In the unlikely event that your purchase goes wrong, you may be eligible for a full or partial compensation through our Buyer Protection Programme. Terms and conditions apply.

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