How to redeem bobBucks

How to redeem bobBucks

bobBucks are Bob Shop vouchers that can be used to pay for purchases on Bob Shop. There are two ways to use bobBucks:
  1. If you buy bobBucks for your own use, the amount will be automatically placed into your Bob Shop bobBucks account. To shop with your bobBucks, select pay with bobBucks option during checkout.
  2. If you receive bobBucks voucher as a gift, you can pay with your voucher by entering the voucher code during checkout. Alternatively, you can redeem your voucher by placing it into your Bob Shop bobBucks account until you are ready to shop.

How do I redeem bobBucks?

Log into my account and go to the Buying tab. Click on redeem a voucher and enter the voucher code in the window that opens.

Once you have redeemed the voucher, the amount will be reflected in your bobBucks account, under Vouchers. Your bobBucks account history lists all the bobBucks you have received and those you have already used. You will also be able to see there your bobBucks balance.

How do I pay with my redeemed bobBucks?

If you have bobBucks in your bobBucks account, you may use them to pay for items purchased on Bob Shop. During the checkout, select pay with bobBucks option. If you do not see that payment option, you will not be able to use your bobBucks to pay for the item. If you do not have enough bobBucks for a full payment, make an additional payment by another method, or by redeeming another bobBucks voucher.

If you purchase items valued at less than the bobBucks voucher, the difference will remain in your bobBucks account for you to use the next time you shop on Bob Shop.

Tip: Note the expiry date of your bobBucks voucher and use your voucher before it expires.

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