Courier stationery

Courier stationery

If you need courier stationary such as shipping labels or packaging materials, you can request them directly from your courier. Each courier may have different processes for requesting stationary, but you can typically find information on their website or by contacting their customer service team.

How to order stationery from our courier partners

You are now able to order stationery from the couriers directly by emailing the following information to the preferred courier:
  1. Your name
  2. Your seller/company name
  3. Your contact number
  4. Your full delivery address including postcode
  5. You must state in your email that you are a Bob Shop customer.
  6. List of stationery you need ie: courier branded sleeves, clear document sleeves, fragile stickers.
  7. Use the subject line: Bob Shop | [name of courier you are requesting from] – Stationary Request
Please be advised that with TCG (The Courier Guy) ONLY, each seller can only request 100 FRAGILE stickers at no cost – any additional Fragile Stickers can and will only be authorized by

Courier contact details

  1. The Courier Guy:
  2. RAM: +
  3. Internet Express: 
  4. SkyNet: +  

Who will pay for stationery?

If you need stationery, such as shipping labels or packaging materials, you can get them for free from your courier. Simply request the necessary stationary from your courier, and they should provide it to you at no cost. 

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