File a Sale Not Complete (SNC): get your success fees back

File a Sale Not Complete (SNC): get your success fees back

Every time a buyer places an order or wins an auction and completed a payment successfully on the order, a success fee is charged. This success fee is applied for the services that Bob Shop provided leading up to, and after the sale which includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing a platform where the item was advertised.
  • Marketing the item.
  • Introducing the seller to a willing buyer.
  • Processing of payments.

In a perfect world, each time a buyer places an order it will lead a successful transaction, a happy buyer and a satisfied seller. However, we know that life is not perfect and sometimes buyers change their mind, resulting in sales that are not completed.

For these events we have a process where a seller can apply to have the success fee and in some cases the final order value fee credited back to their accounts. We call this a Sale Not Complete (SNC) credit.

NOTE: Success fees are only charged when there is a payment on the order, an order with no payment will attract no success fees and therefor not SNC can be filed on the order.

Sellers can apply for SNC credits when:

  • A minimum of 7 days has passed from when the item was ordered or when the auction was won and paid for.
  • The buyer cancels an order due to buyer's remorse or for reasons unrelated to the product or service provided by the seller.

Bob Shop will however not credit transactions when:

  • More than 60 days passed from when the item was first ordered or the auction won.
  • The seller has cancelled the transaction and has not given the buyer a minimum of 48 hours to pay for the item.
  • The seller could not supply the item ordered due to stock issues.
  • The item received by the buyer was faulty and had to be returned.
  • The item ordered was not delivered to the buyer.
  • The item was returned because it was not as described in the listing.
  • Where at the sole discretion of Bob Shop the seller is deemed to be at fault for the transaction not being concluded.

How to file for an SNC credit:

  • Log into your Bob Shop account.
  • Go to the Selling tab of your My account.
  • Find the Sale not complete section.
  • Click on File SNC alerts link. (Only items that are eligible for an SNC will show in this section).
  • File the SNC on the relevant item.
  • If you want to cancel an order with multiple items, you need to file the SNC on each individual item in the order.

Fees credited for a successful SNC request:

When an SNC credit is processed, Bob Shop will credit your Bob Shop account with the success fee for the specific item. If the SNC is for the entire order, then Bob Shop will credit the success fees for each item in the order as well as the final order value fee if applicable to the order.

SNC guidelines:

Please take note of the following guidelines:
  1. The seller must allow 7 days from the date of sale before filing a SNC. During that period, the seller should try to contact the buyer and finalise the transaction.
  2. The seller must file a SNC no later than 60 days from the date of sale.
  3. To file a SNC, the seller needs to log into My account, select the selling tab and click on File SNC under the Sale Not Complete (SNC) option.
  4. Once a seller submits a SNC claim, the buyer has 7 days to respond or to appeal. If the buyer indicates intention to pay within that period, he or she has a further 7 days to do so.
  5. If the buyer appeals the SNC claim, the SNC Administrator will consider the case and make the final decision.
  6. Sellers can retract SNCs at any time. Sellers should retract SNCs if the buyer has subsequently paid for the purchase, even if that happens after the SNC has been completed.
  7. Sellers who file false SNC claims will be suspended.

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