Fees and how to make payment

Fees and how to make payment


To list items on Bob Shop is FREE and sellers only pay a commission (success fee) for successful sales. There is a charge for listing items in the classifieds format and in certain categories, as well as for optional enhancements. For details, see our fee rate card.

Fee payment methods

Sellers can view their account at any time in the my account section. To see every individual transaction, select the detail view.
  1. Basic sellers are billed upfront and need to pay any applicable fees in advance.
  2. Advanced sellers are invoiced on the first working day of every month for all fees incurred during the previous month. The fees are automatically debited from your Bob Shop account by the 7th of each month (or the next nearest working day). If you do not have sufficient funds in your Bob Shop account, the fees are debited from your credit card or your bank account. If you settle your account before the 5th of the month, Bob Shop will not attempt to debit your credit card or your bank account. If Bob Shop's debit order fails, you have until the 15th of the month to pay for the previous month's outstanding balance.
There are two options for paying your Bob Shop account manually (this does not apply to basic sellers who list in the classifieds format): 
  1. Use the secure online form to pay any outstanding balance by credit card. 
  2. Make a direct deposit or EFT into Bob Shop's bank account:
    Account name: Bob Group (Pty) Ltd.
    Bank: Nedbank Limited
    Branch: Business Westrand
    Branch code: 128 605
    Account number: 1286 022 827
    Account type: Current Account

    International sellers, when paying your Bob Shop fees by wire transfer, please include the following information:
    Account name: Bob Group (Pty) Ltd.
    Bank: Nedbank Limited
    Branch: Business Westrand
    Branch code: 198 765
    Bank address: Stonebridge House, 300 Acacia Road, Randburg, 2194, South Africa
    Account number: 1286 022 827
    Account type: Current Account

    Be sure to use your Bob Shop invoice/statement number or your Bob Shop user ID as the reference for your payment. 
You are responsible for paying your Bob Shop account every month, by no later than the 15th day of the month, even in the event that you do not receive your tax invoice/statement. It is your responsibility to check your current Bob Shop account balance in the my account section. Your historic invoices can also be viewed online. 

Bob Shop requires payment of accounts in full every month. Failure to make a payment may result in your account being disabled or blacklisted. Overdue Bob Shop accounts will be charged interest at the current Nedbank Limited prime interest rate as determined from time to time. You could also be liable for any legal fees incurred by Bob Shop. Alternatively, you will be handed over to a debt collection agency to recover any outstanding fees.

Credits and refunds

Listing and enhancement fees are non-refundable. Success fees can be refunded under certain circumstances. If you have a credit balance in your Bob Shop account, you can leave it to be used towards covering future fees, or you may request a payout to your South African bank account.

Can I use bobBucks vouchers to pay my fees?

Unfortunately, you cannot to pay fees with bobBucks. Please settle your account in the usual manner.

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