Enhanced Listings: explained

Enhanced Listings: explained

Enhanced listings help sellers promote their items by increasing their visibility on Bob Shop. A fee is charged for most enhanced listing options.

There are several types of enhanced listings:
  1. Premium items appear at the top of the relevant category or paid promotion pages.
  2. Home page items are displayed on Bob Shop home page.
  3. Category featured items are displayed on the relevant category pages below Premium items.
  4. Priority items appear on the category pages, above the regular items.
  5. Highlighted items have a tag to make it stand out from other listings.
  6. Bold items have a bold listing title. Does not apply on the home page and some other specialised pages.
  7. Promotional category listing allows you to list your items in a relevant second category, which can be a regular category, or a special (seasonal) promotion, such as Christmas catalogue.
  8. To enhance a new listing, choose all relevant enhancement options when creating the listing.

To enhance an open listing, go to the list of your open items and click on the plus sign next to the enhancements button. To make the most of your additional enhancements, you may opt to extend your buy-now listing for another 30 days. This option is not available for auction listings.

You may not delete any enhancements, whether original or additional. You will be charged for the enhancements when you confirm your selection and the fees incurred in this way cannot be refunded.
Tip: If you chose to relist an item when creating the listing, the item will be relisted with original enhancements, without the additional enhancements.

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