Benefits of enhanced listing options

Benefits of enhanced listing options

To get buyers to buy from you,  they first have to land on your listing. That is not an easy task, because your wares are jostling for attention with thousands of other products. Exposure ensures not only that your items get sold, but that they also get sold at a better price.

But how do you make sure that your items get noticed on an online marketplace such as Bob Shop? Bob Shop offers several options to sellers to advertise their items on the site in order to increase their conversion rate:
  1. You can enhance your items so that they appear on the Bob Shop home page, in the relevant category, in a second category or in a promotional category, and in paid promotions.
  2. To reach even more potential customers, you can opt for banner advertising on the site.
  3. Your products will also get great exposure if they are featured in our Daily Deals.
  4. And if you are serious about your online business, consider setting up a Bob Shop store.
Tip: When you decide to use enhancements, do it for items that are really worth promoting. And make them work extra hard by including, in the listing of the enhanced item, a link to the other items you sell on Bob Shop. Then watch the visitors flock to your listings!

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