Basic vs. Advanced seller

Basic vs. Advanced seller

There are several differences between basic sellers and advanced sellers on Bob Shop:

Basic sellers

  1. Basic sellers do not have to provide bank account or credit cards details to register.
  2. Basic sellers pay enhanced listing or classified listings in advance.
  3. Success fees are deducted from the available balance in their Bob Shop account.
  4. Basic sellers cannot use the automatic relisting option to relist items.
  5. Basic sellers may request at any time to become advanced sellers.

Advanced sellers

  1. Advanced sellers are required to submit bank account or credit card details, as well as identity document details.
  2. When you apply to become an advanced seller, Bob Shop will debit R10.00 off your bank account or your credit card. If the debit is successful, this amount is credited to your Bob Shop account. This is done to validate the account.
  3. Advanced sellers can list an unlimited number of items and choose from all the listing enhancement options on offer.
  4. Advanced sellers can create and offer prompts to buyers.
  5. Advanced sellers are billed in arrears. Fees are invoiced at the end of the month and debited on or around the 7th of the following month for all fees incurred during the previous month.
  6. Advanced sellers can automatically relist items.
  7. Advanced sellers can make use of the Bulk Upload Tool.

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