About us

About us

Bob Shop is the new name for bidorbuy and it’s part of Bob Group, the company formed from the merger of bidorbuy and uAfrica in 2022. Originally founded in 1999, bidorbuy grew to become one of South Africa’s favourite marketplaces, where buyers and sellers could connect through shared interests.

From the very beginning, bidorbuy was about building communities and linking people. With over 3 million items across over 30 categories, and options including auctions and buy now sales, bidorbuy is the ultimate safe, convenient and friendly place to sell online. We’ve always seen ourselves as the seller’s champion, providing tools and services that make it easier for online merchants to list and ship items, and to receive payment. Buyers have the widest possible range of choices of ways to pay and ways to receive their items. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and making sure that everyone is dealt with fairly.

The change of name to Bob Shop reflects the fact that bidorbuy is part of the wider mission of Bob Group – that is, to provide everything ecommerce to everyone. By continuing the work done by bidorbuy for over 20 years, Bob Shop will help to make ecommerce more accessible, more enjoyable and more rewarding for people across South Africa. As part of a comprehensive portfolio of online services, Bob Shop is still the same bidorbuy you know and love.

Why buy on bobshop.co.za?

You can buy just about anything on Bob Shop: the latest high-tech devices, brand-new consumer products, second-hand items, and difficult to find collectibles, at prices that are as a rule lower than elsewhere.

When shopping on Bob Shop you are able to browse a wide range of products from thousands of sellers, so you can choose not only what you want to buy, but also which seller you want to buy from. That is why Bob Shop has millions of shoppers bidding, buying and making offers to thousands of sellers via the website, mobi site and Bob Shop mobile apps. 

Why sell on bobshop.co.za?

Bob Shop is a perfect solution for selling with the help of sophisticated ecommerce tools and with a minimum of investment. Bob Shop offers great exposure to vendors as it is open for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a result of Bob Shop's effective marketing campaigns, goods on the site are exposed to a high volume of traffic. That is why Bob Shop is attracting a variety of sellers, from independent entrepreneurs to larger online retailers. 

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      You can check your bobBucks voucher account balance by logging in to your my account and navigating to the buying tab. Then go to your voucher account history and balance. For more help, please contact us on 010 005 6200 or email us at ...
    • Does Bob Shop verify or authenticate items listed for sale?

      It is physically impossible for Bob Shop to verify and authenticate each item listed on the site. However, we do have listing policy in place and sellers are obliged to abide by it. If you notice any suspicious items, please let us know by clicking ...
    • Attend a Bob Shop Meetup: learn how to sell on Bob Shop

      In order to book your place at the upcoming Bob Shop Meetup, please fill in the booking form online to book your seat/s. You will also be asked to pay for your booking either via credit card or by requesting your Bob Shop account to be charged for ...
    • Forgot your password?

      If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking the forgot password link on the sign-in page. This will direct you to a page where you will need to enter the email address you specified when you registered on Bob Shop. You will then be sent ...
    • What is Bob Shop's returns policy?

      Every seller determines their own return policy on the items listed. Always make sure that you read the shipping, payment, warranty, guarantee and return policies before purchasing an item. If in doubt, please ask the seller via the ask a question ...